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Spiderman climbs the Aspire Tower in Doha

Imagine you live or work in a skyscraper on one of the upper floors. Normally you would not expect somebody to look inside through the windows, except perhaps for the window cleaners. But there is one face you should be prepared for. The one of Alain Robert. The exceptional french climber prefers the exterior front of tall buildings, the taller the better. He already climbed up onto lots of impressive buildings, bridges and monuments all around the globe. Sometimes without offical permission, which often caused lots of trouble when he returned back to the safe bottom.

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Qatar – Small but ambitious

Is growth visible? In Doha it is. If you walk through the city, you will soon notice, that more or less every second building site is still under construction. Everything moves. The town changes rapidly. By the end of the last century nobody would have expected such a building activity. The place was calm and quiet, just the modern style pyramid shape of the Sheraton-Hotel gave an anchor point for the eyes. There were no skyscrapers nor any skyline visible. The Sheraton has kept its role as an important landmark at the West-Bay coastline, because it reaches a little far out into the sea, more than the other buildings.

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